Mike Bevan
My name is Mike Bevan. Bevan Engineering was founded in 2004 to provide highly specialized controls and software solutions for manufacturing facilities and OEMs. Many clients - including Fortune 500 companies -  have been using Bevan Engineering  products and services world-wide. I  have been providing controls and software engineering solutions throughout the Central/Southwestern, Ohio area for over 30 years. 
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PLC Programming
Bevan Engineering can supply PLC programming for almost any type of application. PLC programming services include traditional PLC programming (Allen-Bradley Control/Compact/MicroLogix), HMI programming, and "soft" PLC programming (ASIC, Think-n-Do, etc).

Application Software Development
Bevan Engineering is able to provide custom application development in most mainstream languages. Bevan Engineering generally uses Microsoft SQL Server  for all database development. The database design typically features a fully relational database (foreign key contraints, indexes, identification by ID values instead of text, etc).

PLC Database Integration
PLC database integration is what sets Bevan Engineering apart from other engineering companies. PLC Integration allows data to be exchanged between equipment utilizing programmable logic controller (PLC) technology and one or more database servers. Recipe type data can be retrieved from a database and downloaded to the PLC. The results of a machine cycle can be uploaded and saved to that database.

By interlocking this equipment, processes can be prohibited from cycling unless previous operations have been successfully complete. Cycle times, idle times, etc can be saved. Your customer can view the results of every process required to fabricate the product they purchase from you. The Japanese term "poka-yoke" means "mistake proofing". Poka-yoke is a manufacturing technique of preventing errors by designing the manufacturing process, equipment, and tools so that an operation cannot be performed incorrectly. I have years of experience designing and implementing this technology.

Bevan Engineering offers several types of PLC database integration implementation. The best method for your facility depends on your current infrastructure, budget, and requirements. The most common methods are:

​​1. Standalone. Recommended for non-serialized product.
2. Server based. Serves data to/from multiple processes. If product is serialized, poka-yoke can be implemented.
3. Fatory Talk Transaction Manager: Rockwell software designed to serve data to/from multiple process
4. WIP Controller: All PLC communicate with central PLC  via messaging. Server application services the WIP controller.
5. RFID: Control with optional serialization. All process values are stored on an RFID tag that each process read/writes.

lnline SPC
Using Windows Embedded touchscreens, customized SPC software can be written to monitor your process in realtime. In some cases, spec limits are not known when hundreds or even thousands of of product types are not known. so an inline SPC package helps determine them. The Bevan Engineering software uses Western Electric Zones Tests to provide a color code for your process. This allows anyone without technical skills to know how the process is performing. As an example, the color may change from green to yellow - the operator will know and optionally, an email can be sent automatically to responsible personnel. Your competition is striving for zero defects - so should you.

Realtime Systems
Using Windows Embedded touchscreens, customized software can be written to control various types of specialized equipment requiring unique instrumentation. By using an embedded system, the process can be treated just like any industrial HMI - no special care is required just because it is PC based.

Controls Design/Build
In some cases, Bevan Engineering can design your machine controls and if necessary, build your control panels. Ask for details.